SGA announces web site, freshmen and transfer senator election results

Sep 17, 2015

The Student Government Association (SGA) launched its web site this week and held its freshmen and transfer senator election.

SGA represents the students and conveys their needs to the faculty and administration. All students are members of this organization and are represented by elected officers and representatives. 

The new web site gives students an opportunity to know the names and faces of the 23 senators who represent them and includes links to the organization’s by-laws and applications to request funding.

Most of the current SGA representatives were selected in elections last spring. Three new students were added this week with the 2015 SGA freshmen and transfer senator election.

The voting was extremely close for the two freshmen spots and the one transfer position. The winners are:

Freshmen Senators: Kyle Mazza,  Angela de Souza

Senator Kyle Mazza
Kyle Mazza


Angela de Souza
Angela de Souza

Transfer Senator: Dominic Nwagwu

Dominic Nwagwu
Dominic Nwagwu






Dean of Students Levi Esses expressed his gratitude and a “huge thank you” to all who ran in the election for their willingness to be on the ballot.