Some interesting trivia questions about Newman history

Aug 22, 2013

As part of Newman University’s upcoming 80th Anniversary celebration, Up to the Minute will include some NU history trivia questions over the next few issues.

Trivia Questions #1
The year was 1933.
“So the nuns with the golden heart,
A little like the crusaders of old,
Cried, “The charity of God urges us!”
And in that love, and with that faith
They opened a College.
In 1933, for a world that needed the leavening of good women,
And wisdom was there, and love,
And much human weakness
And much heroic effort.
And the wisdom of humor was there as well –
And fun, and wholesome frolicking.”

Here’s some questions to whet your appetite for Newman University’s 80th Anniversary:

  • What is the name of the piece from which the above quote was taken?
  • Who wrote these words?
  • What was the occasion for which these words were written?
  • What happened in the spring of 1933 that directly led to the founding of Sacred Heart Junior College on September 12, 1933?

Think you know the answers? Write your answers in the comments on the right or check out next week’s issue for answers to today’s trivia questions!

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