Newman Sonography Program has ties to Galichia, sets student on new path

Feb 18, 2016
sonography program newman university

Joseph Galichia, M.D., president and founder of Galichia Medical Group, is known throughout Wichita as a pioneer in the field of interventional cardiology. What many people don’t know however, is that Galichia also had a big role in establishing the Newman University sonography program.

“We found that in our community there was no training program in sonography… and Newman was kind enough and insightful enough to agree with us and say, ‘Yes, we’ll do this program.’ So in conjunction with Newman, we were able to initiate the program and sustain it through the years,” Galichia said.

The program has helped pump much-needed sonographers into the Wichita area and beyond, Galichia said.

“It’s been very valuable because we’ve trained a lot of people who then go into the community, have a good job, provide a great service and help our local hospitals and physicians,” he said.

Jeannel McCart is one of those people. McCart, who is in her final semester of the sonography program, said she feels very well-prepared to graduate and can’t wait to get out into the workforce, though she’s already spent a good amount of time in area hospitals and clinics during her time at Newman University.

“I’m here one day a week, and the rest of the time I’m at the clinics or the hospitals. And I’m seeing real patients. And I’m doing real exams… I don’t think you should be able to learn it any other way. It’s so helpful,” McCart said.

McCart is an adult student and mother of two young children. She said getting into the sonography program was one of the best days of her life, and that graduating from the program will put her and her family on a completely different path in life.

“It’s going to be a life changer,” she said. “It’s going to open a lot more pathways.”

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