5 activities for Spring Break on a budget

Mar 08, 2017

We all know that the spring semester is the most difficult semester to get through, but don’t fret! Spring Break is right around the corner. So take this time to relax, have fun, explore, and celebrate that you have made it this far into the semester without a total, permanent break down.

Here are some extremely fun, cheap, and safe events to take part in during your Spring Break.

How About That New Year’s Resolution?


Did you know that all Newman Students have a free membership to Genesis Health Club? Use this time to reboot your New Year’s resolution and leave behind that “freshmen 15” once and for all.

Every Tuesday is a Movie Day!


Since the college scene has entered your life, a movie screen is nothing but a memory. Film tickets can often cost $7 or more! That’s the price of a fancy, delicious, life-sustaining hamburger, which most would choose over a movie anytime.

After relentless searching, we have found a discovery that could change your life. On Tuesdays, the Palace West at Kellogg and Ridge price their films at only $1.50. This is a great opportunity to catch up on the amazing films that you could not afford to go see throughout the months. Their box office only accepts cash, so go through laundry pockets, car seats, and couch cushions before heading to the theater. Now you don’t need to make the difficult decision of life or entertainment.

Newman Student, Cheyenne goes to Topeka to Cosplay
Cheyenne Rouse

Cosplay in Overland Park

Naka-Kon, in Overland Park Convention Center in the Kansas City area, falls on the week before Spring Break this year, but you can create your cosplay costume throughout Spring Break 2017.

Newman student Cheyenne Rouse said, “For a few years of my college experience, my Spring Break used to start off with my family and a few friends going out of town to an anime convention and spending a few days enjoying the convention. Then the rest of my break was spent as quality time with my family.”

Pre-Registration badge prices range between $10 and $30.

Have a Staycation


Face it. We are college students, we are poor, and unfortunately, this earth doesn’t have frequent showers of Benjamin Franklins. So take this break as a great opportunity to work extra hours at your job and save up for next Spring Break or this summer, but set aside a whole day to spend having fun with a friend close to home. It’s not as lame as it sounds.

Freshman Gabby Shideler is going to make the most of her break saving up money so she can have a more fun-filled break next spring.

“My friend and I have decided to save money for a trip next Spring Break to D.C,” said Shideler. “We are both going to work Spring Break and do a staycation, thinking maybe going somewhere like Oklahoma City or Kansas City for a night.”

Dance Your Stress Away


No matter what music your body moves to, dance studio Dancing in Paradise on South Hydraulic Street is a fun place to go shake your stress and worries away. The studio offers evening dance lessons and brings in live bands for your entertainment. The fun is offered on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday nights. Each night has a theme and different price, but it ranges from $5 to $10.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy and treat yourself. You deserve it! And above all, have fun.