Alumnus plays two roles in the community

Mar 05, 2020
steven hamersky

Alumnus Steven Hamersky ‘15 is juggling two careers — as an officer for the Newton Police Department and a goalie for the Wichita Wings — although his police work comes first, he said.

During his time at Newman University, Hamersky was a goalkeeper for the Newman Jets men’s soccer team. He ended his senior season on the team with 41 saves and only 15 goals allowed.

Steven Hamersky
Steven Hamersky played all four of his Newman years as goalie for the Jets.

After earning his degree in sports communication, he continued his soccer career. He joined a semi-professional soccer team in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but has also played for teams in Springfield, Missouri, and Vermont.

In 2017, Hamersky began his career with the Newton Police Department in Kansas. During that time, he was making frequent trips as a Kansas City Comets indoor soccer team member whenever he could get time off from work.

Steven Hamersky
Steven Hamersky is currently goalie for the Wichita Wings.

He was excited to take on a more local soccer career with the Wichita Wings when the organization rebooted in 2019. After 22 seasons of play, the Wings shut down in 2001, but new ownership wanted to bring the team back to life.

When Hamersky was approached with an opportunity to become one of their newest team members, it wasn’t a hard decision for him to make.

“I get to stay local. I get to play in front of my parents and my friends and family, so it was pretty much a no-brainer,” Hamersky said.

As for his career in law enforcement, Hamersky said he has a few family members and friends who are officers and the profession was inspiring. He knew he did not want a desk job and said he’s always looked up to law enforcement.

Something Hamersky has known all along is that he wanted to make an impact on the community. He feels most fulfilled when he is interacting with the younger generation and helping in domestic situations.

“I honestly hope to help everyone I come in contact with in some way,” he said. “But to narrow down who I want to help or impact the most, I would have to say the children. They are the most impressionable and will be leading the country one day. I want to make the most out of our interactions.”

He finds a lot of similarities in his two careers, including being held to high standards.

“In both situations, there’s a lot of pressure and high-stress with a need for quick decision-making. I would honestly say goalkeeping has helped me be a better police officer in high-stress situations.”

He added that even though both roles hold high importance in his life, he is always a police officer first and a goalkeeper when he can take time off.

Hamersky is starting a third endeavor: a partnership in real estate. He is co-owner of Homes4You and his role includes customer interaction and researching the housing market.

Overall, he said his Newman experience helped shape him to become who he is today.

“Newman definitely prepared me well for everything I do. Organization, report writing, critical thinking — I could honestly attribute my success in those areas to the amazing teachers at Newman University.”