Fugate Student Center gets a facelift

Jul 08, 2020
Fugate Student Center

The Student Government Association (SGA) executive board is taking advantage of the summer break with a variety of projects and initiatives. One project is providing students with an enjoyable place to gather, socialize and study.

SGA President Gabrielle Alténor is leading the Fugate Student Center renovation initiative in conjunction with Student Life.

SGA President Gabrielle Alténor and Vice President Mac Foley help set up on June 17.

“The student center renovation was a long-held initiative of the SGA senate,” explained Alténor. “We wanted the Fugate Student Center to truly be a place for students to engage in fellowship and it has been said that the outdated space itself was hindering that end.”

During the previous semester, three bills were passed for funding the project. One is dedicated to changing the floors, the other is for updating the walls and the last is dedicated to furniture or entertainment.

When making a major decision concerning the renovations, Alténor consults the senate for input on the behalf of the students because the needs of the students are her top priority. 

Alténor added, “I believe the entire creation of the initiative was in response to feedback from students. They wanted a space that was more modern and more inviting — a place for them to be social and have fun on campus.”

Joseph Shepard, director of multicultural engagement and campus life, is especially pleased to see students responding to their fellow students’ needs.

New paint has freshened up the walls.

“I am truly excited to watch our student leaders work to address the concerns of their constituents and create innovative solutions to their concerns,” said Shepard. “Many of our students have expressed the desire to create a student center space where they felt valued, comfortable and have the opportunity to conveniently use the space for a wide range of events and meetings. Our student leaders are responding to those ideas and I couldn’t be more proud to support them in this endeavor.”

In addition to supporting the needs of her fellow students, Alténor personally believes that this project is of utmost importance.

“I, too, believe it’s important for students to have fun places to gather because one of the most important parts of college is the social interaction and the opportunities for lifelong relationships. Without places to do this at school, our campus life would be minimal, and students wouldn’t see college for the rich, holistic experience that it is.”

As the project continues, students and administrators alike are excited for the new life the renovations will bring to campus.

“I really hope the renovation will revitalize the student center so that our students have a new home on campus. I think that making the space more appealing will invite more community-building, collaboration and participation among our students.”