Student Life team gathers for training and fun

Aug 10, 2016
Newman University Student Leadership Dinner

The fall semester buzz is all around campus and the team of Resident Assistants (RA’s), Orientation Leaders and other staff in the Student Life department are getting their “teamwork” on.

A dinner on Monday, Aug. 8 held in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center kicked off their adventure. Staff and students met to pick up their gear for a three-day retreat bright and early the next morning.

Newman University Student Life
Students and staff gathering for dinner

Resident assistants live in the residence halls and provide help and guidance to students. Orientation leaders are a group of upper classman students whose role is to help the incoming freshmen class move into the residence halls during the weekend of Aug. 19 as well as provide guidance throughout the year. This group will help make the transition to college a smooth one for new students.

During the retreat, the student life team will get acquainted, participate in teamwork skills building and train for their prospective roles over the coming school year.

Attendees talked about how excited they are to get the fall semester going and learn more about their roles as they head into the new year. An overall theme while talking to many of the attendees was excitement to meet new people.

Becca Kopper, RA and junior majoring in psychology and criminal justice, is “looking forward to building a community within the residence hall and getting kids involved in campus.” Kopper did a little prep work for her new role as RA. “Before we left last year, I tried to meet a lot of the students and tried to get a head start on getting to know them, getting them excited for this year.”

Jonathan Serrano-Ramsey, an orientation leader, said, “I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the new students and staff.”

When asked about what she’s done to prepare for the retreat, Ellen Kurtzweil, also an orientation leader, said, “I haven’t even packed yet. I’m definitely helping with Jet Days but I know I’ll have other roles throughout the year.”

Newman University
Student Life leaders at the retreat

Orientation leader Makaylah Perkins is also on the Campus Activities Board (CAB). “I would give incoming freshmen this advice — don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try new things.” Perkins said she is excited to start the new school year. “I’m ready to dive in and just go with the flow.”


Newman University Student Life
Student leadership group at the 2016 retreat