Student workers help campus thrive during summer

Aug 08, 2022
Alpha Magafu, student worker for Newman University

While several Newman University students use their summer break to spend time at home, travel on vacations and rest before the next academic year, other Newman students — those who work on campus — stay involved at the university. We visited with a few of them for their perspectives.

Minh Nguyen, Dugan Library

Senior Minh Nguyen, a biomedical science major, works at the front desk in the Dugan Library where he helps with checking in and out books, as well as shelving books and helping people log into computers. 

Nguyen, who first started working in the library in spring 2021, said he has enjoyed working in the library during the summer because there was a librarian conference held on campus and they have been flexible with his schedule. 

“It has been great. It was pretty interesting and there were a lot of people I got to meet at the conference,” Nguyen said. “My favorite part of the job is the workload and flexibility, it’s just a chill job here in the library.”

Nguyen works alongside fellow Dugan Librarian student workers Evan Cowlishaw, Britney Ma and Junior Kimfaema, to name a few.

Jayson Palacios, Mail & Copy

Junior Jayson Palacios is majoring in biology with a minor in physical therapy. He works in Mail & Copy, located on the bottom floor of Sacred Heart Hall. On a typical day, Palacios runs and sorts all types of mail and packages, as well as checks them in and out to make sure students and everyone gets their mail safely. 

He started working for Mail & Copy in the spring semester of 2022. Palacios said what he loves most about working in Mail & Copy is the caring staff and getting to meet new students and people. 

“The job has actually been a pretty neat experience. I get to meet and talk to a lot of the staff and students I would have never met. It’s cool because we get packages from different states and even different countries since students are from all over,” Palacios said. “I recommend it to anyone interested in doing some student work. If you live on campus, then you can live, eat, sleep, learn and work in the same place, which isn’t a bad thing.”

Kaelyn Johnson, Financial Aid

Kaelyn Johnson is a sophomore majoring in diagnostic medical sonography. She works as a student worker for Financial Aid on the main floor of Sacred Heart Hall. During work, Johnson answers phone calls and emails from students or parents who may have questions, files and handles the new NU Pay accounts.

She has been working in Financial Aid since late fall 2021. Johnson said she has really enjoyed her experience being a student worker in Financial Aid as they have been flexible around her busy schedule. 

“It’s been fun. I like working there. I feel that me and the other workers are kind of close. So I would say it’s pretty fun working there. They also work with my schedule as I get to pick my own hours and it’s just an easy way to earn money,” Johnson said. 

Tanya Triana, Alumni Relations

Tanya Triana is a senior studying interdisciplinary studies. She works for Alumni Relations on the top floor of Sacred Heart Hall. Triana does whatever is asked of her as she makes and answers phone calls as well as other work. 

She started working in Alumni Relations in fall 2021. Triana said she has loved working for Alumni Relations and that it has helped her to get more involved on campus. 

“It’s been really fun as it’s just a very good job,” Triana said. “The job is a way for me to get connected to the campus without having to put myself out there as I am a nontraditional student.”

Alpha Magafu, Admissions

Alpha Magafu is a junior majoring in biology. She works in Admissions which is on the main floor of Sacred Heart Hall, and works mainly at the front desk. This summer, she has stayed busy answering and making calls, as well as anything else the Admissions team needs her to do. 

She has been working with Admissions since the fall 2021. Magafu said she has enjoyed working in Admissions as she gets to meet incoming and prospective students.

“It’s an easy way to make money on campus. It’s not a hard job, I just give people campus tours so it’s not bad,” Magafu said. “I would recommend this job as it is one of the easier jobs here and you can work in between classes. You also get to meet new people that are coming on campus and just help with anything to do with Admissions. I think it’s a really good job.”

Joshua Robles, University Relations

Joshua Robles is a student worker for University Relations, located on the top floor of Sacred Heart Hall. He is a sophomore double majoring in sports media & promotion and psychology. In University Relations, Robles writes articles, does photography, creates graphics and takes on other projects the team asks of him. 

He first started working for University Relations in spring 2022 after hearing about the position from one of his professors. Robles said he has really enjoyed working with his department as they are very flexible and he appreciates the workload. 

“The experience working here has been great as everyone in the office is pretty cool and they are really flexible with my schedule. I’m really glad to also be working during the summer because it has been keeping me busy. I am always doing something, which I appreciate because I don’t like having nothing to do,” Robles said. “I’d recommend this position to anyone who may be interested as it is a cool job and you get to meet great people.”

Student worker honorable mentions

Interested in working as a student worker on campus?

View the list of open positions below and apply today!

Events assistant

The University Advancement team has an opening for an events student assistant. This position offers flexible hours to fit the student’s schedule, a fun and creative work environment as well as the opportunity to represent Newman at exciting events. The events assistant aids the events coordinator and Advancement team with campus events. Click here to apply.

Embedded tutor

The responsibility of the embedded tutor is to work with faculty and students within the classroom to provide tutoring services. They work directly with their assigned supervising instructor and help students achieve a firm foundation in their specified subject area. Embedded tutors should help students develop study skills to build strong academic careers. Additionally, embedded tutors are to contribute to student learning and advancement, facilitate problem-solving processes, and to create lines of communication for and between faculty and students. Click here to apply.

Archives researcher

The archives research position is to be filled by student(s) who work in conjunction with Professor Cheryl Golden, Bri Southworth, the director of the ASC Center Archives and Professor Steve Hamersky, Newman Library Director. Student researchers must keep scheduled hours of 6-8 hours each week. Click here to apply.


The Admissions team is looking for energetic and outgoing student team members with a strong commitment to the University and a passion for sharing their campus experience and expertise with prospective students, families and other guests visiting Newman University. Click here to apply.

Housekeeping aide

The Newman University is looking for student workers to assist in Housekeeping for the fall 2022 semester. Click here to apply.

Vantage Editor

The Vantage, Newman University’s student-run newspaper, is looking for students to serve as editors. Editors are responsible for editing and laying out pages and communicating with staff writers about deadlines and copy editing work. One position is available starting in the fall 2022 semester. Click here to apply.