Success week helps students conquer midterms

Oct 06, 2016
Newman University Success Week

Newman University Success Week Oct. 3-7 is providing help for students on the eve of fall midterms. The daily events are designed to help students achieve high grades on their presentations, tests and papers for midterms. This year there is a wide range of events from learning how to create compelling infographics to a service project.

Success Week began Oct. 3 with Strengthening Your Spirit led by campus ministry. In the afternoon, Professor of Communications Audrey Hane led the “To Do or Not To Do” seminar. Ending the day was “Mastering the Midterm and Beyond.”

One of the students who led the presentation was Rachel Adducci, and encouraged students not to start a midterm paper the night before it due. “I hope that students will take advantage of their resources like the writing center and the different services in the library because I think they really make a difference when writing a paper or studying for a test.”

A key point Adducci stated during the presentation was to “always stay on top of things, organize your notes, redraft your papers and attend study groups. Classes become too much work when you don’t take the time to organize and prioritize.”

The busiest day of Success Week was Oct 4 with five different events from learning financial aid tips to using diversity as a leadership opportunity. The night ended with “Triumph Over Procrastination”, which has become a staple at the university during midterms and finals. During the three-hour time frame, students were able to utilize support services that gave them correction and help over any homework subject. The event was a great time to forego procrastinating over homework and spend time with other students that gave one another encouragement to finish a midterm assignment in a timely manner, and therefore alleviate stress.

service project success week

Student Support Services held a student service project on Oct 5. One of the participating students, Darlene, said, “We’re sending thank you letters to current U.S. soldiers.” The cards go to A Million Thanks Foundation, which began with a 15-year old girl who started a community service project in 2004 that had the goal of sending one million thank you cards to the U.S. military men and women. Students who write 10 cards earn one hour of community service, and if 20 thank you cards are written, then two hours of community service are earned.

The final day of Success week will include “Exercise and Your Brain” led by Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Education Steven Dunn in Eck 262 at 1 p.m. The day will conclude in the Alumni Center with “Developing Smart Study Skills” from 10 to 11 p.m. The session will be led by Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Rosemary Niedens.