Surendra Singh made many contributions to Newman over the past 45 years

May 01, 2014

Forty-five years ago, the Division of Science and Mathematics at what is now Newman University bore little resemblance to what it is today.

Fewer than 30 students were majoring in biology. Those students had limited post-graduate career avenues. The division struggled to attract new students to a college with an enrollment of only about 700.

singhfinalcolor-72WebToday, there are 3,000-plus students at Newman, including more than 170 biology majors. Those students go on to find success in a wide variety of scientific and allied health endeavors. And, biology at Newman is on solid bedrock, bringing in new waves of bright young students each year.

The only thing that has remained constant in those four and a half decades, is that those students share in the roots of their success seeds of knowledge sowed by Professor of Biology Surendra Singh, Ph.D.

“Dr. Singh is almost singlehandedly responsible for how successful our division is today – and by division I mean not just science and math but also allied health,” said John Leyba, Ph.D., professor of chemistry and chair of the Division of Science and Mathematics.

Singh will retire from Newman this spring.

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