Today’s Visitors

NU welcomes these visitors on campus today!

Shakira Patni, IH Kemper High School Senior, Sugarland, Tex., Prelaw;
Shakira Raynor, Arkansas Baptist College Transfer Student, Little Rock, Ark., Deciding;
Colt Ritzel, Sanger High School Senior, Sanger, Tex., Deciding;
Ariana Esparza, Bishop Carroll High School Junior, Wichita, Kan., Art;
Justin Lampkin, Campus High School Senior, Wichita, Kan., History;
Cody Bernbeck, Garden City Community College Transfer Student, Garden City, Kan., Deciding;
Tavarion Nix, Redlands Community College Transfer Student, St. Petersburg, Fla., Deciding;
Susan Harris, Butler Community College Transfer Student, Wichita, Kan., Deciding

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