Newman University and Butler Community College finalize agreement

Mar 17, 2016

Newman University and Butler Community College have a newly finalized articulation agreement which is designed to provide students with a systematic and seamless transition for course credit between institutions.

Newman President Noreen M. Carrocci, Ph.D. and Butler President Dr. Kimberly Krull inked the agreement March 11 in the Heritage Room of Sacred Heart Hall on the Newman campus.

“It means a continuation of the best partnership we have with a community college. Butler has been our best feeder of wonderful students for the past nine years and we look forward to that continuing for the foreseeable future,” Carrocci said.

“Newman is a great partner,” Krull said. “Our students talk about leaving Butler and coming here (Newman) and having it be kind of that same culture – family, small and welcoming.”

“We both have small class sizes, faculty who care and who are here to be with the students. They provide that personal care and attention,” Carrocci added. “The out-of-class [experience] is similar in that students can be both an athlete and work for the student newspaper. Or they can be in the chorus and work for the Campus Activities Board.”

Newman President Carrocci and Butler President Krull sign an agreement March 11 in the Heritage Room on the Newman campus.
Newman President Carrocci and Butler President Krull sign the articulation agreement March 11 in the Heritage Room on the Newman campus.

Students who have successfully completed an associate degree at Butler will be accepted at Newman as a baccalaureate degree-seeking student with junior standing. They may also be eligible for the Newman Dual Advising Program, which will help in making a smooth transition to Newman. Students who have accumulated fewer than 24 transferable college credits and meet other academic requirements will receive academic advising from both institutions, receive degree audits from Newman and be able to receive scholarships.

Carrocci believes the new agreement is a great benefit to current Butler Community College students. “What it does is provide a degree of predictability and stability for the student, that they know that if they fulfill their plan they will have the outcome that they desire, which is a degree in four years and ready for their career or graduate or professional school.”

In addition to the general agreement, the following 10 Newman academic programs have developed specific transfer equivalencies for Butler programs:

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Pre-med)

Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Bachelor of Science in Sociology

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

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