Trunk or Treat brings superheroes, royalty and wild animals to campus

Nov 01, 2016
Newman University Trunk or Treat

If you decorate it, they will come — and thus a new tradition for Newman University was born. A multitude of student groups decorated the trunks of their vehicles for the campus’ first ever Trunk or Treat on Thursday, Oct. 27.

The Division of Student Life at Newman organized the event as a community service project for student organizations and clubs on campus. Not all were able to participate, but those who did had the opportunity to reach out to the community in a fun and memorable way.

Campus Ministry at Trunk or Treat
Campus Ministry decorated with a Disney theme

Each participating student organization was responsible for a themed trunk, decorating the vehicle, coming up with a game or activity and dressing the part to match. Some of the trunk themes included a superhero, Disney, Dr. Seuss and a circus, among many others.

There were about a dozen decorated trunks for the trick-or-treaters to visit, and even though the participants brought double the amount of candy suggested, many ran out before the event ended and organizers had to re-stock supplies.

Costume Contest at Trunk or Treat
Trick-or-treaters anxiously waited for the results of the costume contests

Costume contests took place for different age groups, and winners took home candy bar necklaces and Halloween goody baskets.

Graduate Assistantship of First Year Experience Jordan Frederking was very happy with the success of the event. “I just started here last month so I didn’t know this was the first one. We had such a great turnout this year that I thought we had done it before!”

Director of Student Activities Lauren Fontarum said they will definitely try this again next year.

“I feel really positive about the experience,” said Fontarum.” I think it did a couple of things. One, it provided our groups with an opportunity for service. They were able to plan and come together, giving their time and energy, which was really positive. And the second thing is the effect it had on the Newman community with the non-traditional students, staff and their families, as well as the Wichita community, bringing them to campus and making their families feel like they’re a part of Newman.”