Free tutoring services are back and available for all students

Sep 05, 2018
Free tutoring services are back and available to all students

Classes are officially back in full swing — and so are the tutoring services to help students succeed.

Newman University offers its students free peer tutoring in most subjects, including upper-level chemistry, upper-level biology, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, theology, history, philosophy, physic business courses, economics, information technology and nursing.

Case Bell, director of Academic Resource Center,  said, “We work on getting the students to understand the importance of establishing a strong foundation and work ethic. We want to be in as many people’s lives as possible.”

Many tend to think that tutoring is only for students in need of extra help when it comes to understanding the course material, but Bell said this could not be further from the truth. He said tutoring is for everyone on campus, whether students are struggling or they just want to make sure they stay on top of their learning throughout the semester.

“Grades are absolutely important,” said Bell. “But if you want to actually have a full understanding of what you’re doing and how to apply that in the real world, that strong foundation is super important. This is what tutoring can do for students.”

Bell believes that tutoring goes beyond the grade. “Our tutors aren’t just trained to teach you about the subject, they’re also trained to teach you proper study skills, note-taking skills, critical thinking and how to critically look at your own work.”

The tutors are required to have received an A in the course they will be helping other students with, but with that, training is also very important. Bell said all the tutors participate in rigorous training sessions and are even encouraged to take additional training, with pay increases the more they do and the more experience they obtain.

The Academic Resource Center also provides students with a free Writing Coach Center, which allows them to submit papers to be checked for spelling, grammar, word flow and more. From the comfort of their home or dorm room, students can send their papers to [email protected] and can receive feedback from trained student writers.

“Papers nine pages and shorter will be returned within full three business days and papers 10 to 15 pages will be returned within five full business days,” Bell said. “Papers over 15 pages will be returned as soon as possible, but we can’t provide a specific timeline.”

Additionally, the Hangar is open for business. The Hangar is a computer lab and lounge area located on the third floor of Sacred Heart Hall in the northwest corner. Students are welcome to visit and use the computers, bring lunch, have study groups or even just hang out on the comfortable couches.

The Hangar
The Hangar is a great place for students to study, meet with groups or just hang out.

“We just try to encourage a multi-use environment,” Bell said. “You can come in and study or work on group projects.”

With only 20 active tutors last semester, the increase in numbers of students taking advantage of these services meant that tutors were working with multiple students. Students who want to book an appointment with a tutor are encouraged to do so early by signing up online.

The tutors are students as well, and many times use the service as well. They set their own schedules based on their availability. Bell said the Academic Resource Center is still searching for more tutors in certain areas. If interested in applying to become a tutor, please email Bell or fill out an application online.

For more information or answers to questions about the services offered by the Academic Resource Center, contact Bell at (316) 942-4291, ext. 2235 or by email at [email protected].