Week 1: Advent season reflection series

Nov 28, 2022

From the Newman University campus and the reflective hearts of generous persons, you are invited to journey with the greater Newman family in preparing for Christmas. Each week, new reflections will be shared for each day of the week. Blessings and a peaceful journey.

Be a living Amen to God’s love. Walk the Advent preparation with a more conscious awareness of God’s coming into each day.

Sunday, Nov. 27

Scripture readings: Isaiah 2:1-5, Romans 13:11-14, Matthew 24:37-44

Reflection video with Sister Marsha Wilson, ASC ’67

Click above to watch Sr. Marsha’s Reflection

Monday, Nov. 28

Scripture readings: Isaiah 4:2-6, Matthew 8:5-11

Reflection by Amy Brugman ’86:

The Christmas Carol ‘Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming’ has a line, “Isaiah ‘twas foretold it.”

Today’s verses from Isaiah foretell how the Lord washes away the filth and purges the blood with a blast of searing judgement; then His glory will be shelter and protection.

The verses from Matthew tell the story of the centurion who recognizes Jesus’ healing power, requests it for his servant, and humbly acknowledges he is not worthy to have Jesus enter under his roof.

Advent is our time to prepare for Jesus’ coming and a reminder of our judgment when we die. Jesus is our Savior who washes away our sins and shelters us from the storms. May we recognize our unworthiness like the centurion as we prepare for Christmas.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

Scripture readings: Isaiah 11:1-10, Luke 21-24

Reflection by Kelly McFall, professor of history at Newman:

So many of my friends love Christmas. Christmas carols on Spotify. Families reunited. Familiar passages read around the dinner table.

I suppose I love Christmas. But I don’t really feel that. I feel like I need Christmas.

The imagery of Isaiah 11 is compelling. Wolves living with sheep, lions lying down with kids, calves and lions feeding together.

We read these lines and ask (plead?), how long?…For the images on our phones are different:

  • “5 Dead, more than a dozen injured in shooting . . .”
  • “Ukraine’s prosecutor general’s office said at least 437 Ukrainian children have been killed.”
  • “WHO says Tigray is out of vaccines, antibiotics, and insulin as deaths from preventable diseases . . . rise.”

Here, in this fallen world, today, next week, next year, I need Christmas. For my heart may break as I ask “how long . . . “

But Christmas means I never have to ask, ‘will this ever . . . .’ And that’s everything.

Wednesday, Nov. 30

Scripture readings: Romans 10:9-18, Matthew 4:18-22

Reflection by Andrew Nguyen, Newman student:

In both passages, Matthew and Romans, there is a theme of faith by hearing. Romans says, “faith comes from what is heard and what is heard comes through the word of Christ.” This is also apparent in Matthew when Jesus calls Peter and Andrew to follow him. They had so much faith

in Christ that they dropped everything and followed him. God calls us to have faith in him and follow him every day. Like my namesake St. Andrew the apostle who I was named after by my parents, I am inspired through the readings to follow in his footsteps and follow Christ.

Thursday, Dec. 1

Scripture readings: Isaiah 26:1-6, Matthew 7:21, 24-27

Reflections by Haley Albers, ’21:

Advent is defined in the dictionary as “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event.” These readings tell us how we should prepare. Matthew tells us that, to enter God’s kingdom, we must be like the “wise man who built his house upon the rock.” And how do we do that? We must hear the words of God and do them.

Each of us is created for a purpose. It is often difficult to discern this purpose. It’s not like God shoots us a text or gives us a call to say “Bill, this is your purpose.” Rather, it is in deepening our relationship with Christ, praying, fasting, meditating on Scripture, and simply sitting in the presence of God that we begin to understand what it is God has called us to do. This can be extremely hard, especially if we allow our “success” to be measured by the world’s standards. The reading from Isaiah reminds us that placing our complete trust in God will alleviate our worries and anxieties: “You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.” So today, let us be like the wise man who built his house on rock, to hear the words of God and do them, to trust God and His plan for us.

Friday, Dec. 2

Scripture readings: Isaiah 29:17-24, Matthew 9:27-31

Reflection by Adam Gomez ’94, Board of Trustees:

Like the blind men, we can be blind to many things in our lives. The blind men had to have faith and believe that the Lord can make them see again. We all go through challenges in life, we to must have faith and believe. The Lord will always be there for us. The blind men followed Jesus, spoke to Jesus, and through their faith were able to see. We too must pay attention and follow the Lord, speak to him through prayer. We sometimes think no one is listening; the blind men listened, believed and a miracle happened for them. We must be good stewards, be humble, help others listen, see goodness in others and be a part of the healing process in the world.

Saturday, Dec. 3

Scripture readings: Isaiah 30:19-21, 23-26, Matthew 9:35-10:1, 5a, 6-8

Reflection by Cassidy Garretson, senior at Newman:

In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus has compassion on the people because he sees how lost they are. He compares them to sheep without a shepherd. Jesus then tells his disciples that “the harvest is abundant, but the laborers are few.” There are many people around us who feel lost, who feel alone, or who are hurting. There are people longing to be loved. Often, few of us are willing to go out of our way to love them. This Advent season, let us see others the way that God sees them. Let us strive to be more compassionate towards others in hope that they may come to know the love of Jesus.

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From the Newman campus and the reflective hearts of generous persons, you are invited to journey with the greater Newman family in preparing for Christmas. A new reflection will be shared for each day of the week. Blessings and a peaceful journey.