2015-16 Newman Orientation Leaders look forward to welcoming new students

Apr 23, 2015

When the new undergraduate and transfer students come to campus in August, they will be welcomed by some of Newman University’s best and brightest. The 2015-16 Newman University Orientation Leaders have been named. They have earned a combined 3.7 GPA and have established themselves as effective leaders throughout the Newman community.

“I am extremely excited about this year’s Orientation Leaders. These strong, diverse, and active student leaders model what Newman University is all about,” Dean of Students Levi Esses said.

“The knowledge about Newman and their passion for campus life will provide our new students a warm, welcoming environment.  I am also excited about Jet Days (Orientation) and the schedule we have developed,” Esses added.

The 30 orientation leaders are looking forward to helping the new students make their college transition.

“I’m most looking forward to helping the new freshmen make that transition to Newman and to be a friendly face they can recognize in a crowd,” Junior Ashley Lusch

“I had the gift of having others help prepare me, so I in turn would like to help others prepare for their term here at Newman University,” Junior Jared Ojile said.

“I want to know (incoming freshmen students’) names , know what they’re doing with their life and be that kind of outlet and resource for the students if they need anything,” Junior Morgan January added.

“I just really get excited to have some fun and learn about the new people that will take over campus and be the new leaders,” Sophomore Blair Benton said.

The orientation leaders have completed some training for their duties. They’ll gather in early August for more preparation prior to Jet Days on Aug. 21-22. The leaders’ main goal will be to help the new students feel at home and be prepared for successful careers at Newman.

“We will incorporate learning campus resources and the mission of Newman, allow new students to get to know each other, and lots of fun,” Esses said. ” We are excited to bring singer/songwriter Jason LaVasser who will lead our new students in ice breakers, give a presentation, and sing a few of his songs.

“Our Friday night event will entail a tailgate party and a night out at the ballpark at a Wichita Wingnuts baseball game,” he added. “I strongly feel our Jet Days Orientation will be an engaging and educational weekend for our new students.”

 2015-16 Orientation Leader roster:

David Baalmann – Junior (Chemistry)

Blair Benton – Sophomore (Biology)

Rebecca Bergkamp – Sophomore (Business)

Brandi Boese – Senior  (Elementary Education)

Kati Bush – Senior  (Art – Photography)

Tory Freemen – Senior  (Nursing)

Megan Hemel – Junior (Biology)

Maureen Hogan – Junior  (English)

Morgan January – Junior (Biology and Secondary Education)

Kelsey Kilburn – Junior  (Math)

Rebecca Kopper – Freshman  (Psychology and Criminal Justice)

Cuong Le – Junior  (Biochemistry)

Emilie Leivian – Junior  (Communication)

Ashlee Lusch – Junior  (Biology)

Persis Lugalia  – Freshman  (Counseling)

Callie Mauk – Freshman  (Psychology)

Jared Ojile  – Junior  (Biochemistry)

Christina Scherer – Sophomore  (Education)

Jacob Wallace – Junior  (Accounting)

Kenton Weber – Sophomore  (Biology)

Dalton Weidl  – Freshman  (Undecided)

Max Werner – Junior  (Communication and History)

Kylie Werth – Junior (Biochemistry)

Wesley Williams – Senior  (Theatre)