2020 SGA executive board strives to uphold vision, voice and values

Aug 27, 2020

Now that the fall semester has officially begun, committees and organizations across campus are continuing the work they started last semester and over the summer.

One student-centered organization in particular, Student Government Association (SGA), is now hard at work carrying out their genuine plans and promises.

SGA President Gabrielle Alténor

SGA President Gabrielle Alténor is leading the charge with an impassioned mission and a willingness to put the work in.

“We as an executive board have many goals for this semester and this year,” said Alténor. “In general, it is our goal to best serve the students of Newman University, and we hope to do that using three focuses: vision, voice and values.”

In fact, she is so willing to put the work in that one of those prongs is already being filled as SGA works alongside Student Life on the Fugate Student Center renovation project.

Other executive members share her passion, as SGA Vice President Mac Foley also mentioned the three focuses, explaining that SGA’s goals will be carried out through effective communication and collaboration.

SGA Vice President Mac Foley

Yet, this collective goal does not mean that the members are lacking in individual missions.

SGA Treasurer Martin Pham, for instance, hopes to “help ensure the success of the NUVAC (Newman University Visual Arts Club) news station through the help of the amazing people that (he has) gotten to work with.” He also expressed the fact that NUVAC still needs support, and that he is working to engage with more students in a collaborative effort.

Meanwhile, Foley has his heart set on strengthening the bond between the student body and Newman’s newest president, Kathleen S. Jagger, Ph.D.

SGA Treasurer Martin Pham

SGA leadership roles require a lot of time and dedication, students in executive positions must maintain a certain degree of tenacity, responsibility and determination. Due to this fact, the executive members of SGA spoke at length on the importance of leadership.

The president explained that leadership has shaped her into the woman she has become today.

“Student leadership is important to me because it is what has helped me to grow so much since high school. Without these many opportunities to be courageous in my leadership, I might still be doubting my ability to apply for the jobs I currently hold. I want every student to have and take these same opportunities, especially at an institution where we empower graduates to transform society.”

With a similar tone, Pham presented his own experience with leadership.

SGA Secretary Shanice Gitungo

“Student leadership is important to me because I found so many inspirational people around me. There have been students, faculty and staff that have put me in awe through their words and actions. I want to help other people realize that they can be inspirations too.”

SGA Secretary Shanice Gitungo has the same appreciation of leadership, being not only the secretary of SGA, but also spearheading many efforts of the Newman University Multicultural Leadership Organization among other student-led initiatives.

With plenty of drive, dedication and determination, this year’s SGA executive board is fully prepared to uphold Newman University’s vision, voice and values.