Staff Assembly to host silent auction April 4

Feb 28, 2023
A generously donated stained glass art piece for the silent auction(available on wooden stand or can be hung on the wall). (Courtesy photo, Amanda Wills)
A generously donated stained glass art piece for the silent auction(available on wooden stand or can be hung on the wall). (Courtesy photo, Amanda Wills)

Staff Assembly is excited to bring back its silent auction 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 4 in the old bookstore space.

All are welcome to contribute to the silent auction and can sign up virtually. The deadline to contribute is March 10. 

Staff Assembly is an executive committee made up of staff members. They meet bi-weekly and serve as a liaison between staff members and Kathleen Jagger, the president of Newman University.

Staff Assembly’s silent auction is an event that raises money to replenish the Hearts and Hands fund each year. This fund helps staff members that are experiencing hardships like injuries, illnesses and/or other life changes. Staff and faculty can nominate colleagues for assistance and if approved by the committee recipients will receive a check for $200.

Amanda Wills, president of Staff Assembly
Amanda Wills, president of Staff Assembly

This event is open to faculty, staff, board members and ASC sisters who are interested in attending. There will be a few items that are available for students to purchase or bid on including plants, baked goods and specific auction items. Just a few of the auction items include a Newman crocheted hat, framed religious art by a local artist, a rustic wooden cross, a small Newman stained glass and many others.

The silent auction has not happened in person since 2019, so “this year will be an exciting time for community members to get involved, come together and see each other,” Amanda Wills, president of Staff Assembly, said.

The return of an in-person auction event also makes for friendly competition and encourages people to bump up their bids. 

There are also many opportunities to contribute or donate items to the silent auction.

“We also have several new staff members that have not had the opportunity to participate with this event previously,” Wills said. “There have been many new ideas this year that have been generated to hopefully increase attendance and participation. We look forward to seeing the end result.”

Join a Staff Assembly subcommittee

All staff are encouraged and can participate in any of the seven subcommittees of Staff Assembly: benefits and salary, communications, professional development, service, social events and community building, fundraising and welcoming.

“We hope that you will consider joining one (or more) of these committees and help us bring real value to you and your fellow staff members here,” said Melissa Castle, past president of Staff Assembly. “We know you guys are amazing and have so many great ideas and we seriously cannot do this work without you.”

If you have any questions about potential donations or ideas, please reach out to any of the Staff Assembly executive members:

  • Amanda Wills – President
  • Julia Sanders – Vice President
  • Melissa Castle – Past President
  • Bianca Romero – Treasurer
  • Amy Emerson – Secretary
  • Dyana Baca – Representative
  • Abbi Timmermeyer – Representative
  • Marisa Compton – Athletics representative

Donate to the silent auction

Contribute new or handmade items, create a basket with your Newman department, or donate baked goods or plants for the silent auction April 4.