Newman University celebrates 90th birthday

Sep 14, 2023
ASC Sisters and students cruise campus via golf cart to deliver ice cream treats.
ASC Sisters and students cruise campus via golf cart to deliver ice cream treats.

On Sept. 12, Newman University celebrated its 90th year as a place of learning.

In celebration of nine decades of Newman, Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC) sisters loaded up on a golf cart Tuesday and cruised campus as they handed out ice cream treats to students, faculty and staff.

The milestone recognizes how far the ASC has come in its mission to provide an education. Worldwide, Newman University remains the only institution of higher education founded by the ASC.

During the Great Depression and inspired by the mission of Saint Maria De Mattias, the Sisters’ Advisory Board of the Diocese decided to open a college after exploring ways to advance teacher education in the diocese. By the grace of God and with the support of the Rev. Leon A. McNeill as first president, they succeeded and Sacred Heart Junior College opened on Sept. 12, 1933.

Since its inception, the university has evolved and taken on different names. It was called Sacred Heart College (1954-1972), then Kansas Newman College (1973-1998) until it became Newman University (1998-present).

Sister Vicki Bergkamp, ASC, Ph.D., ‘67, summed it up best: “The Adorers of the Blood of Christ and Newman University have consistently become more than we could ask or imagine. Our provident God has blessed us beyond all expectations.”

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