Adorers of the Blood of Christ celebrate milestone anniversaries

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC), Newman University’s founding order, recognized monumental milestones of several ASC sisters as they celebrated the anniversary of their vows. A ceremony was held the weekend of May 16 at the ASC Wichita Center. Newman University congratulates each of the following for their devoted service to spiritual life and for their support of Newman University.

75th Anniversary: Leona Riebel, ASC, Bernetta Sigg, ASC, and Bridget Smith, ASC
70th Anniversary: Vivian Miller, ASC, Stella Rosenhamer, ASC, and Loretta Thome, ASC
65th Anniversary: Noella Blick, ASC, Loretta Gegen, ASC, Emiliana Herman, ASC, and Lucille Kerschen, ASC

  • Jamee Jenisch

    I am an old student of Sister Noella Blick in Ellinwood Kansas. I was wondering if there was an address for her so I could write to her? Thank you!!

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