Advanced sales for new book of poetry by Bryan Dietrich

Nov 10, 2009

Love Craft, a book of poetry by Newman University English Professor Bryan D. Dietrich, will be released Feb. 5, 2010. But, from now until Dec. 11, 2009 is the advanced sales period so you don’t have to wait! Dr. Dietrich calls this his “new evil little chapbook.” Get your copy at and click on “New Releases and Forthcoming Titles.”

If you love monsters, horror and spooky tales; Dr. Dietrich’s poetry will satisfy.

From the Book Cover:

H. P. Lovecraft, dark god of the Gothic, taught us about the beasts under our beds, about the worlds behind our wallpaper, about the secret stains in all our haunted homes. Bryan D. Dietrich’s new volume of poems dusts beneath those same beds, tears at the same wallpaper, and runs screaming into the history of those same houses. Dietrich’s poems, like Lovecraft’s stories, show us the fathers and mothers of our terror, but they also ask: Is there something in their tortured tales we can craft at last into love?

“Demonstrating a mastery of style, a deep sense of literary roots, and a marvelous grasp of Lovecraftian imagery, Bryan Dietrich may well be the top practitioner of horror poetry writing today.” —Lawrence C. Connolly, author of Veins

“Bryan Dietrich’s poems are lambent, insinuating, delicately threatening. His control of language is fine and measured, the danger, loss and desire subtly intertwined, the stuff of relished nightmare. This is a sensitive book, testimony to the enormity of the ongoing loss of his father, imaged in the pulp scifi, horror, comic book, film images they shared. Domestic horror merges with details of damage — only Bryan would rhyme ‘shudder, larder, murder.’ As he says: ‘Open the book, brace yourself, say the spell.'” —Gina Wisker, Brighton, UK, author of Horror Fiction & editor of Dissections

“This brilliant and powerful book steers the reader to both the subject of these poems, the craft of love, a craft largely unknown to the inhabitants of these poems, and to the symbolic world of creeping horror found in the work of H. P. Lovecraft. The framework of universal horror provided by the Lovecraft cosmos gives the whole more depth and a larger perspective that extends the suffering to all of us.” —David Lunde, winner of the Rhysling Award

About the Author

Bryan D. Dietrich is the author of a book-length study on comics and five books of poems. He is also co-editor of an anthology of superhero poetry. Bryan has published poems in The New Yorker, The Nation, Poetry, Ploughshares, Prairie Schooner, The Paris Review, Harvard Review, Yale Review, Shenandoah, and many other journals. He has won The Paris Review Prize, a “Discovery”/The Nation Award, a Writers at Work Fellowship, and has been nominated for both the Pushcart and the Pulitzer. Professor of English at Newman University, Bryan lives in Wichita, Kan. with wife, Gina, and their son, Nick. Dr. Dietrich has three additional books of poetry scheduled for release over the next two years: Prime Directive will be released in 2010 and both The Assumptionand The Monstrance will be released in 2011.