Alumni, High Tea celebrated during Cardinal Newman Week 2013

Feb 28, 2013

Illness and a record-breaking snowstorm may have disrupted some events, but they didn’t stop the Newman University community from celebrating some traditional activities, honoring several illustrious alumni, and maintaining the spirit of Cardinal Newman Week, the annual tribute to the life and teachings of John Henry Cardinal Newman, the 19th century Catholic theologian and educator for whom the university is named.

Among the highlights of the week were the awarding of the Cardinal Newman Medal and several alumni awards at the Cardinal Newman Banquet on Feb. 23. Alumnus, longtime supporter and former chair of the Newman Board of Trustees J.V. Johnston ’82 received the Cardinal Newman Medal for his distinguished service to the university.

Alumni awards went to Fr. Ned Blick ’86, who received the Beata Netemeyer Alumni Award; J.T. Klaus ’87, who received the St. Maria de Mattias Award; Gregory Cole Sr. ’95, who was presented with the Leon A. McNeill Distinguished Alumni Award, and Mark Potter ’86, who received the Spirit of Acuto Award.

The traditional High Tea was held Feb. 20 as the first of what turned out to be two snowstorms moved into the Wichita area. The severity of the storm led to the closing of campus and the cancellation of evening High Tea.

The storms also caused the cancellation of the Cardinal Newman Mass and the Newman Board of Trustees dinner on Feb. 21. The Cardinal Newman Lecture earlier in the week was also cancelled due to illness of the featured speaker, Fr. Ian Ker.

L-r: Edward Hett, M.D.; J.V. Johnston ’82; Newman President Noreen M. Carrocci, Ph.D., and Newman Board of Trustees Vice Chairwoman Linda Snook ’77.
L-r: Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Cundiff ’86, ’90; Rev. Ned Blick ’86; Richard Roder ’86, and Alumni Association President Anthony Tamburro ’03, ’07.
J.T. Klaus, J.D. ’87 and daughter Courtney Klaus.
L-r: Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Cundiff ’86, ’90; Gregory Cole Sr. ’95; Julia Fabris McBride, and Alumni Association President Anthony Tamburro ’03, ’07.
L-r: Director of Alumni Relations Sarah Cundiff ’86, ’90; Newman Athletic Director Vic Trilli; Mark Potter ’86, and Alumni Association President Anthony Tamburro ’03, ’07.
Students enjoy the different English delicacies at the Cardinal Newman Week High Tea.
Students enjoying themselves at High Tea.