Alumni Sighting in Afghanistan

Jan 08, 2009
The power of the work done in Newman’s classrooms is far-reaching. Dr. Surendra Singh, professor of biology, was recently reminded of this when he received an email from Kandahar, Afghanistan. . .
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:59 AM
Dr. Singh,
Greetings from Kandahar, Afghanistan. I am currently in country training several USAF pilots on one of our special mission aircraft. While at lunch today, I met one of your former students, Captain Pizzola.
He was seated a few chairs down from me and while I wasn’t ease dropping on his conversation, I heard him mention that he attended a small university by the name of Newman. I confirmed that he was in the Medical Corps and asked if he might be one of your former students. He was delighted to know that despite being 6500 miles from home and being two complete strangers we shared a common friend. Anyway, I told him I would pass on his regards.
It is a small world and shrinking everyday. I thought you might like to know that the knowledge you imparted at Newman is saving lives here in Kandahar.
God Bless,
Sam Gemar