Amy Siple finds new homes for used hospital beds

Aug 10, 2016
Newman University

As part of the renovations and upgrades in Eck Hall, Newman is getting all new hospital beds and bedside tables for the nursing lab area. This meant that the old beds and tables would no longer be used by the program.

Amy Siple Nursing Newman University
Associate Professor of Nursing Amy Siple

Associate Professor of Nursing at Newman University Amy Siple, M.S.N. immediately saw an opportunity to give back to the community.

Siple began making phone calls to some local organizations she knew would benefit from this equipment, and those folks she contacted couldn’t be happier. This isn’t the first time Siple has organized a donation of equipment like this. Several years ago, there was a similar situation in which some beds were replaced, and she reached out to the community at that time as well.

This year, a total of 15 beds and tables will be donated to those in need. Up to 13 of those will be given to the Medical Loan Closet (MLC), an organization helping individuals who are having insurance issues, or simply cannot afford the equipment, by loaning what they can during their time of need. 

“This generous donation is the largest the MLC has ever received,” said MLC founder Lloyd Hanna. “With this equipment, the lives of more than 25 of Wichita’s neediest families will be improved.”

Newman University Nursing program bed donation
Via Christi Community Cares volunteers after loading up one of the beds they received.

Another organization that will benefit from this donation is the Via Christi Community Cares program, which gives low or no-cost equipment and care to people in need in their homes.

When asked how she came up with the organizations to donate to, Siple responded, “I knew who to call being in the field. I just picked up the phone and made the calls. I’m really happy we can help many different people through these donations.”

Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied Health Jane Weilert, Ed.D. stated, “We value service very highly at Newman, and want to be involved in positive activity in the local community whenever we can. It’s part of what sets Newman, our faculty and staff, and our students and graduates, apart from other colleges and universities.”