Serving it up in the classroom and on the tennis court

Apr 19, 2022
Antonia Ramos in a tennis match.
Antonia Ramos, courtesy photo

Sophomore Antonia Ramos, who is studying psychology and sociology with a minor in Spanish, has been described as an outstanding student by her professors.

Antonia Ramos pictured on the tennis court. Courtesy Photo, Antonia Ramos
Antonia Ramos pictured on the tennis court. Courtesy photo: Antonia Ramos

Ramos is from Concepcion, Chile, and plays for the women’s tennis team at Newman University. She hopes to later earn a master’s degree in clinical and sports psychology and then eventually a doctorate. 

In the fall semester, Ramos took a general psychology class with Associate Professor of Psychology Chris Ebberwein, who said she was a great student.

“I found her to be very diligent. One of the things that really stood out was that she always made eye contact in class, so I always knew that she was giving me her attention and engaged in trying to understand the material,” Ebberwein said. 

She has a fierce drive for learning, and doesn’t let the fact that English is her second language hinder her.

“Her work in class was very good, by the way she wrote her papers and understood the concepts,” Ebberwein added. “I could tell she worked very hard.”

From the classroom to the tennis court

Antonia Ramos pictured in a match of tennis. Courtesy photo: Antonia Ramos

Along with being a scholar, Ramos is also an athlete. She has been playing tennis since she was 5 years old and the sport helped determine her college decision.  

“I have played tennis all my life, and from a very young age, I always wanted to come to study in the United States. So when Newman offered me a scholarship to be able to continue playing tennis, I accepted,” Ramos said.

So far from home, she said she knows she can count on any of her teammates because they are like family. She calls her experience on the team incredible. 

Overall Ramos said that she is glad to be part of the community at Newman as it gives her a sense that she belongs. 

“It means a lot to me, I feel that all the teachers always try to help me even when I don’t understand much of the language. That makes me always feel included,” Ramos said.

Members of the women's tennis team (Antonio Ramos pictured in the middle). Courtesy Photo, Antonia Ramos
Members of the women’s tennis team (Antonio Ramos pictured in the middle). Courtesy photo: Antonia Ramos

A few fun facts

Ramos moved to Wichita from Chile about two years ago, lives off campus and currently works as a personal trainer at Genesis Health Clubs. Apart from school and tennis, Ramos said there are several ways she likes to spend her free time. 

“I like to paint, dance and take my dog ​​out. I also love spending time at the gym as it’s one of my favorite things to do,” Ramos said. “I also like to watch movies, go for walks, go to new places and do new things.”

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