ASC Vocations calls ‘Collect the Deck’ game a success

Mar 23, 2017

Freshman Regan Casey came out as the winner of the ASC Collect the Deck game. Casey collected 33 unique cards out of a 52 card deck. ASC Vocations Director Lori Benge presented Casey with a $200 Visa gift card at a celebratory pizza party on March 15.

Diana Stanley
Diana Stanley

Collect the Deck was an ASC Vocations initiative that spanned from August 2016 to the end of Heritage Month in February 2017. A three person team of Lori Benge, Newman student Diana Stanley, and Miranda Caulkins created the project at a national workshop hosted by the National Religious Vocations Conference (NRVC) over the summer. The idea was for Newman students to learn about and connect with the ASCs by assembling a collector deck. To get cards, students attended campus events, visited with ASC sisters on campus, and watched monthly videos on specific sisters.

“The videos made the difference for Casey,” said campus contact Diana Stanley. “It gave her just enough cards to take the lead over the runner-up.”

Students attending the pizza party came out with a small prize of their own. They assembled their own complete deck of cards as memorabilia. At the pizza party Benge said, “The NRVC is really pleased with how our project turned out. It engaged the students and it spread in ways we hadn’t anticipated in July, such as giving modified decks to faculty and staff. The sisters also had a great time with the cards. They had fun looking through the deck to see which of their friends and mentors were in the selected 52 and which facts we choose to tell on the cards.”

Stanley added, “Even though I thought I knew a lot about the sisters, I learned a lot of new faces and facts by doing this project.”

ASC Vocations is not sure if they will repeat the game next year, but they are calling the 2016-17 Collect the Deck a success.