Athletics department strives to meet fundraising goals

Jan 21, 2021

The Newman University athletics department relies on support and funding from generous Jets fans to keep each team in play throughout the year.

The athletics budget doesn’t include things like new uniforms or technology so fundraising is vital.

The department raises money through the revived booster club, now called the Aviator Club.

Associate Athletic Director Maureen “Mo” Rohleder shed light on the importance of the Aviator Club and the money it rasises.

“Aviator Club money collected goes to each sport to support things their budget doesn’t cover, such as new uniforms, equipment and video, photo and stat technology. It also goes toward field and court upgrades such as fences, bleachers, ground and grass work, gym floor resurfacing and more,” she said.

“We couldn’t survive the costs of travel, equipment and facility upgrades without the help of Aviator Club funds.”

Joining the MIAA has also helped with fundraising. Gameday operations have changed since joining the league and generally draw a bigger crowd than before. The money patrons spend at games benefit student-athletes greatly.

The largest fundraising event for Newman athletics each year is the annual Jet Open golf tournament.

Along with help from the athletics department, each individual team helps fundraise for their sport.

Teams often sell apparel for their respective sport to raise funds. The new Jets online shop also helps with athletics funding.

This year, teams did a digital letter-writing campaign. The campaign was successful in helping each team inch closer to its fundraising goal.

Many teams have exceeded their personal team goal but are still grateful for incoming donations.

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