Basketball teams prepare for upcoming season

Oct 29, 2020

As November draws near, the Newman men’s and women’s basketball teams are practicing and preparing themselves for the season.

Head Women’s Basketball Coach Darin Spence shared his thoughts on how preparing for the season has gone and what he hopes to accomplish moving forward.

“We are looking for our continued growth as a program,” said Spence. “We expect to compete well and grow from our first season in the MIAA. The individual growth of all our returning players is a top priority and giving our freshmen time to adjust as they step in immediately.”

These aspirations are strongly supported by the team’s time, effort and collaboration. Spence said their practice schedule was a bit different this year due to COVID-19.

“Our usual routine has been a couple of days on followed by a day off so we can spread the days out and keep our understanding of how far away the games are. I want our group to continue their joy of playing and stay excited.”

Regarding their teamwork and collaborative skills, Spence provided a bit of his own philosophy concerning athletic togetherness.

“The main goal is what it always is: mUSt be jUSt about US,” writes Spence. “We work to take care of each other and help each other along the way. We want to make it to the conference tournament, which will be even harder this year since they cut two spots out of it. We want to compete for a spot in the top group of the conference.”

Spence also took care to voice his appreciation of the team, saying their dedication has truly been paying off.

“I am very excited about this group. We have good experience back and a strong senior class to lead the way. This group has stepped up in our player-led program and continue to push each other and hold each other accountable. We have practiced with a great deal of enthusiasm and our communication skills have improved a ton.”

While COVID has presented some difficulties, Spence believes the team is handling it well. He explained, “Our players have made the decision to stay together, stay positive about it and prepare.”

Lastly, Spence urges community members and students alike to attend games, whether they do so in person or spectate online.

“I encourage everyone to check out the MIAA network and subscribe to the conference live stream package to catch the games. With limits in place on who can and who can’t get in the gym on game day, the live stream package is a great way to keep up on our games and especially our road games. I also want to invite and encourage our Newman students to get in the gym on game day and get loud.”