‘Career Services 101’ seeks to improve attendance

Feb 18, 2016

Since late January, Newman University students have had the opportunity to attend workshops in a series titled Career Skills 101. The series is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to market themselves successfully to potential employers after graduation.

Director of Career Services and Cooperative Education Melody Head organized the workshops and leads each session personally. However, Head wishes that more students would attend the workshops.

Melody Head
Director of Career Services Melody Head

So far, attendance has been low. With each session having only a handful of students, Head expressed some disappointment.

“I tried to have a variety of different workshops, in different places on campus, at different times in an attempt to get more students to attend or fit their schedules,” she said.

Student attendance at extra workshops and other events like this on campus is always low. Head, however, remains optimistic about future sessions and other events led by Student Support Services on campus.

“If I can get two or three new students to each session and hopefully teach them something, then this is a success,” she said.

If interested in future Career Skills 101 workshops, try to attend one or more of the remaining sessions listed below.

Career Services 101 semester schedule
Career Services 101 semester schedule

In addition to Career Skills 101 and other workshops, Newman University Career Services provides students with a career resource tool sponsored by College Central Network®. There, students can look for jobs, find employers and access many other career preparation resources.