Newman ranks high on College Scorecard

Oct 26, 2017

The College Scorecard rankings have come out and Newman is proud to show the numbers.

The College Scorecard website gathers information from colleges across America and allows visitors to view and compare different universities in terms of financial aid, student debt, diversity, graduation rates and more.

“The Scorecard reflects that Newman students consistently graduate at rates above the national average, earn above-average starting salaries and finish college with less debt than college students nationally,” said Kristen English, director of undergraduate admissions.

Norm Jones
Vice President for Enrollment Management Norm Jones

Vice President for Enrollment Management Norm Jones said, “This year, Newman is the least net-expensive private institution, in the state, on average.”

Newman’s average annual cost is lower than other private universities such as Friends University as well as public universities like Wichita State University and Kansas University. The national average annual cost for students at a four-year school is $16,300 and Newman boasts an average of $13,906.

A year of schooling at Newman is valued at more than $25,000, which includes room and board, tuition and books. By looking at the low average annual cost of $13,906, Jones said, “that means that we’re giving an awful lot of money in financial aid and institutional aid.”

According to the scorecard, typical debt after graduation is only $19,122 for Newman students, which is below the national average of $20,259.

“We have the least debt when you graduate than almost any other school,” said Jones. “Students are not taking out loans because of the generosity of our scholarship programs. I’ve been doing this a long time in a lot of different schools, and the Newman student is really blessed in terms of what you pay for a private education.”

Director of Undergraduate Admissions Kristen English

Newman holds rank in the top three for highest salary after attending when compared to other state universities in Kansas. Private universities like Friends University fell below Newman’s total average of $43,500.

English noted that “the College Scorecard provides some excellent data our admissions counselors can use to promote the value of a Newman education.” 

She added, “Newman has long been recognized for the outstanding quality of our academic programs. The Scorecard reinforces that we are successfully preparing our graduates for personal, professional and financial success after college, and in many cases, we’re doing that better than other schools.”