Construction process includes new roof for Eck Hall

Sep 08, 2016
Update on the Eck Hall summer renovation. (Photo by Amy Emerson)

In preparation for the new academic year, the 20-year-old roof of Eck Hall was renovated over the summer. Mahaney Roofing Company of Wichita began the installation process on June 15 and completed construction by Aug. 1.

Newman Director of Facilities Bruce Sanderson said that soon after the work began in June, workers noticed water damage.

“We discovered staining behind the wall area which we determined was partly due to roof leaks,” Sanderson said. “These leaks can be caused by poor drainage away from the building, windy rains, or rain direction that can cause water to come in underneath the doors.”

The ultimate goal of the roof installation, Sanderson said, was to make sure the exterior of the building was as waterproof as possible. The construction team sealed and caulked mortise joints. The team then tied downspouts into the storm sewer to ensure that water drained away from the building.

In addition to the ballasted system that was placed on Eck Hall, a thermoplastic polyolefin membrane (TPO) was installed that can withstand heavy rain and hail. The ballasted roof consists of a black rubber membrane topped with a layer of rock for protection, which also holds the roof in place.

While the clay tile roofing was not in need of replacement, the entire TPO system was, Sanderson said.

“We requested bids for the roofing process and accepted the lowest bid of $95,000,” Sanderson said. “The Newman Contingency Fund was created for covering the costs of ‘unknowns,’ or damages we cannot see for ourselves, so the roof was paid for.”

Construction site for new Bishop Gerber Science building.
The next step in construction involves building the Bishop Gerber Science Center. (Photo by Amy Emerson)

The next step in construction includes building the Bishop Gerber Science Center, which will connect to Eck Hall.

“We are currently in the site-pad preparation stage, which involves the critical stage of preparing a solid foundation to build upon,” Sanderson said. He added that the workers have made soil modifications as necessary, so once the foundation is completed, the building structure will start to take shape.

“Not only will the new building have state-of-the-art features, but it will also be much more energy efficient,” Sanderson said. “Overall, these renovations to Eck Hall as well as building the Bishop Gerber Science Center will be a great addition to the university.”