Thriving in the communication field

Dec 07, 2017
Ellen Healy

When Newman alumna Ellen Healy graduated in May 2016, she was looking forward to making the switch from intern to full-time employee at the company she was working for. A year and a half later, she is still at and is its communication director.

Her career there all started when she was eating out one night with her parents.

Ellen Healy and Suzanne Berg
Ellen Healy, left,  poses with Professor Suzanne Berg at the Newman University 2016 Commencement.

“We ran into a neighbor of ours,” explained Healy. “I had been out of state attending a different university, so when he saw me, he asked what I was up to. I explained that I had transferred to Newman University as a communication major, and one thing led to another.”

Healy said she didn’t realize it until halfway through their conversation that she was actually getting a little mini-interview right then and there.

“He told me that he wanted me to come and see him later that week and to bring in a portfolio and samples of my work.”

Healy did just that, and soon after she was offered an internship with a promise of a full-time position after graduation.

Her job consists of many different functions. Along with working directly with clients, scheduling events and conferences, doing public relations work and a few other day-to-day activities, Healy said her favorite above all is the writing she gets to do.

“Writing has always been a passion of mine,” she said. “For, I am able to do a lot of that. I do feature writing, something we call ‘center stage articles,’ in which I talk about the different designers we work with and what they are doing.”

She also said working with the clients is exciting and fun. Some of their clients include designers Aaron Draplin and Von Glitschka, and agencies such as Pentagram and Lippincott.

Healy said her time at Newman was a great experience and definitely prepared her for the future. By the time she transferred to Newman for the spring 2015 semester, she said she knew communication was the thing for her. But the special connections she made with the professors and while working on the student-run newspaper, The Vantage, helped her get through her higher education journey.

Ellen Healy with Vantage staff
Ellen (far left) poses with the 2015-2016 staff of The Vantage.

“It was great at Newman because the professors were really hands-on and they took the time to invest in my future,” said Healy. “Two that especially stood out and made a difference for me were professors (Bryan) Dietrich and (Suzanne) Berg. They really made an impression and were always there to help whenever I had questions or needed to talk through something.”

As for the future, Healy plans on earning her MBA. “I’m taking a short break from schooling, getting some real-life experience, but then I plan on enrolling in an MBA program somewhere. I really want to dig into the business side of things.”