Jun 26, 2014

An email written by Newman University Director of Occupational Therapy and Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Clint Stucky was featured on the “Zorba Paster on Your Health” radio program on National Public Radio (NPR) on June 7.

Stucky emailed Dr. Zorba Paster praising Paster for mentioning the field of occupational therapy on the air. In the email, which was read almost in its entirety on the June 7 show, Stucky said he believes there is confusion among the public between physical therapy and occupational therapy. He added that the media uses “physical therapy” as a blanket term to cover both areas of work, and hopes to see a change.

“I think America is ready to know the truth, i.e., that in many rehabilitation and public school settings, OTs and OT Assistants work as part of a team that includes Speech/Language Pathologists and Physical Therapists – and that one term is insufficient to adequately describe all three,” Stucky said in the email.

To hear the email being read on the air, visit The discussion begins at the 36 minute mark.