Faculty sponsor blogging about Crownpoint service trip

Mar 20, 2014

Associate Professor of Nursing Jane Weilert has been sharing what students have been doing while on the Crownpoint, N.M. service trip this week through her blog on the Newman University website.

Sister JoAnn Mark asked me to blog about it; so I did,” Weilert said. “But in the end, I think it was a great idea. A lot of families, students and colleagues have been reading.”

Although this is not the first Newman University trip to be blogged about, this is the first time the service trip has been blogged about – and Weilert’s first time blogging. Weilert said she and Mark decided to go through with the blog because faculty and staff sponsors have blogged about previous trips such as the Europe by Rail trip in the past.

Associate Vice President of Academic Services and Student Development, Rosemary Niedens, who organizes the trip every year said the service work varies each year.

“It’s a combination of a cultural and spiritual trip,” Niedens said. “[Crownpoint] is in such a remote area. There is so much peace and quiet. You get the chance to reflect on things like the meaning of life.”

So far, Weilert said she and the four other students who went on the trip have served in the local clothes shop and have been helping with various tasks to help the ASC sisters keep their ministries running smoothly.

“All of the service work we’ve done has been fulfilling. We’ve enjoyed being with the sisters,” Weilert said. “[The blog] is a great way for Newman University to know what we’re doing on spring break,” Weilert said.

To visit Weilert’s blog, click here.