Fall Scholars Day allows students to shine

Dec 07, 2015

More than 110 Newman University students presented the best of their original research and special projects on Dec. 7 at the 2015 fall semester Scholars Day.

Scholars Day is the culmination of students’ research projects. As part of the Newman Studies Program, the university’s innovative approach to the “core curriculum,” each student pursuing an undergraduate degree at Newman is required to perform a project and present the outcome at Scholars Day. Each student must identify a faculty mentor, who agrees to approve and guide the student through some kind of research that reflects the student’s major field of study and personal interest. Students may collaborate on projects.

Scholar's Day 2015_12_07Presentation of the research may take a variety of forms, including formal academic panels, posters, creative readings or exhibits, demonstrations, PowerPoint presentations, video compilations or other means.

Assistant Professor of Communication Suzanne Berg Ph.D., one of the main planners for Scholars Day, said she was pleased with the event and with the students’ projects.

“The presentations were high quality and we had a lot of compliments from many professors about the imagination of the students and their willingness to work hard on their projects,” Berg said.
Berg added that several students and faculty who were not presenting came to see the various projects.

The fall semester Scholars Day included 67 presentations on a variety of topics. Among the research and presentations were:

  • Scholar's Day 2015_12_07Use of Sucrose to Reduce Pain in Neonates
  • Role of ATP in Growth Rates in Human Colonic Adenocarcinoma Cells
  • When Ordinary People Cause Extraordinary Evil
  • Scaffolding Strategies in Pre-Kindergarten
  • The Electric Lady: Empowerment and the Self-made Persona
  • Disease Processes of the Knee and Hip Joints
  • Birth Order and Its Effects
  • Pride and Shame: National Pride in the US and Germany

Scholars Day is presented at the end of each fall and spring semester. The fall 2015 event began at 9 a.m. and ended at 2 p.m. Presentations were made in Eck Hall, the Dugan Library lobby and the Jabara Flexible Theatre in the De Mattias Fine Arts Center.