Fancy hats and lifted pinky fingers displayed at High Tea

Feb 25, 2016
high tea

Students, staff and faculty gathered in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center on Tuesday, Feb. 23, to celebrate a  long-standing and well-known tradition at Newman University – “High Tea.”

“This is one of my favorite events at Newman University,” said student John Denny.

Senior Administrative Assistant to Provost (left) and Cheryl Stanley (right)
Senior Administrative Assistant to Provost Debbie Edens (left) and High Tea Committee Co-Chair Sheryl Stanley (right).

High Tea delicacies such as British Flapjacks, Strawberry Trifles and Cheese Tarts are properly handmade and elegantly plated on silver platters lined with doilies. Martha Stewart would be proud.

In addition to the food, a large part of the fun includes dressing the part. That means wearing fancy hats. Many of those in attendance take their hats very seriously. Newman University Senior Administrative Assistant to Provost Debbie Edens volunteers as a historical re-enactor at the Cowtown Museum in Wichita and brought several hats for others to use for this special occasion.

To see some of the hats, and highlights, of the event, watch the video below. For those who want to practice their culinary skills, enjoy this Free Download Bonus: Newman University High Tea Recipe Book (PDF).