Father Fred Kammer to present “Four Steps to Solidarity: Catholic Thought and Social Systems” at Newman University

Aug 28, 2023

Newman University is pleased to announce that the Rev. Fred Kammer SJ, former CEO of Catholic Charities USA, will present “Four Steps to Solidarity: Catholic Thought and Social Systems” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 13. The event will take place in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center at Newman University and is open to the public.

In addition to the evening presentation, Kammer will deliver a noon presentation for faculty and staff titled “Scripture and Catholic Social Thought” at the Sister Tarcisia Roths Alumni Center on the second floor of the Dugan Library complex. This presentation is co-sponsored by the Gerber Institute for Catholic Studies.

“We are honored to have Father Kammer as our inaugural speaker for the 2023-2024 Mission presentations,” said Sister Therese Wetta, ASC, director of mission effectiveness at Newman. “His expertise and commitment to Catholic Social Teaching (CST) make him an invaluable resource for our community. We are excited to learn from him and be inspired by his vision.”

About Kammer

Reverend Fred Kammer SJ served as CEO of Catholic Charities USA for ten years.
The Rev. Fred Kammer SJ served as CEO of Catholic Charities USA for 10 years.

Kammer, a renowned author and advocate for social justice, will discuss the intersection of Catholic thought and social systems. His presentation will provide valuable insights and strategies for individuals and communities to take action and promote solidarity in society.

A native of New Orleans, Kammer brings a wealth of experience in addressing poverty and advocating for systemic change. As the former CEO of Catholic Charities USA for 10 years, he has dedicated his life to improving the lives of those on the margins and creating communities where human dignity is protected and enhanced.

He is the author of several books, including the recently published fourth edition of “Doing Faithjustice: An Introduction to Catholic Social Thought.” This revised edition incorporates updated economic and social data and analysis, as well as questions for reflection and renewal.

“To have someone with his experience, expertise and commitment is a blessing, an opportunity to learn how CST is grounded in scripture and such an important component of living a response to the Gospels,” Wetta said. “This is an amazing opportunity for people of the diocese to gain new knowledge of CST and also understand why Catholic Charities is such an important part of our diocesan ministries.”

For more information about the event, please contact Sister Therese Wetta at Newman University at 316-942-4291, ext. 2167 or [email protected]. Additional information about Kammer can be found on his author page at bit.ly/NUspeaker.

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