Fighting ‘fore’ his life with faith

Jul 16, 2015

Editor’s Note: The following story first appeared in the Fall 2014 issue of Inside Newman, a publication of the Newman University Office of Admissions for students interested in attending Newman.

The story of Jeremy Gant is a special one. It’s a story that inspires and touches everyone who hears it because it reminds us what we, as human beings, are capable of overcoming when the road turns incredibly tough.

Jeremy was 19 years old when he received news that his heart was functioning at only 10 percent, and he needed a heart transplant in order to live. He was a bodybuilder at the time and the picture of health externally as a member of the Newman University men’s golf team. However, he could hardly climb a flight of stairs without sweating or wheezing from shortness of breath.

It was 2010 and Jeremy was faced with the fight of his life, literally.

It’s now 2015 and Jeremy has moved past those dark, scary days of hospitals and the unknown. He is now a new fighting “fore” my life with faith man, literally. Jeremy finished his schooling at Newman and completed a degree in accounting. He’s now finishing his MBA in Finance at Newman while working for Koch Industries in Wichita.

Plus, he’s an author. Jeremy’s, Win the Fight: The Fight Fore my Life, tells the story of an amazing young golfer who found courage he didn’t know he had, who found his faith was deeper than he imagined, and who found friends and supporters across cities, states and countries, and at home at Newman.

The Newman University community, led by Newman golfers, organized golf tournaments and bracelet sales to help raise money to pay medical expenses. The entire community of his hometown Chanute Kansas, population 9,500, helped the family with prayers and fundraisers. Professional golfers also offered support – their visits were bright spots in his day.

jeremy-gant4Tom Watson, professional golfer and winner of eight major championships, visited him for a few hours in his hospital room before the surgery. Jeremy also got to meet the entire Oklahoma State University golf team, and got to play golf with U.S. Amateur Champion Peter Uhlein. Erik Compton, a PGA golfer who has had two heart transplants in his life, also sought out Jeremy and shared bits of advice on how to deal with everything going on.

“I believe I was given another chance to change people’s lives and bring them closer to God,” Jeremy writes on a promotional page about his book. “Once people see what a big role God played in my life, maybe they will see the role He is already playing in theirs.”

Jeremy’s book, Win the Fight: The Fight Fore My Life can be found on many book retailers’ websites as well as on the official