Senior to exhibit artwork for First Friday May 5

May 04, 2023
Kirstin Richmeier
Kirstin Richmeier

Every month, the Newman University Steckline Gallery exhibits the work of a featured artist. On Friday, May 5, senior Kirstin Richmeier of Holcomb, Kansas, will present her capstone work, “I see you and I am you.”

Richmeier’s artwork touches on the theme of mental health with a focus on anxiety and depression. Her body of work features 32 art pieces with a mix of some on 7×10-inch pieces of paper, others on 12×12-inch and still others on 20×20-inch paper. Each represents a different effect caused by depression or anxiety.

She uses a combination of colored pencils, graphite and watercolor in each of her featured works.

“The small pieces of my work are titled ‘There is nothing to be sad about,’” Richmeier explained.

A preview of Richmeier's "I see you and I am you."
A preview of Richmeier’s “I see you and I am you.”

By using her artwork to share her story, Richmeier allows the audience to empathize with the experiences in an abstract way.

“I want to show other people what it feels like in my drawings that I go through,” she said. “I wanted to put these (elements of mental health) … into my art pieces and tell my story through my artwork.”

Richmeier hopes her artwork helps viewers understand that those who deal with mental health issues are not alone and “art does not have to be perfect all of the time.”

“My advice to those who are struggling is do not feel ashamed,” she said. “Never feel afraid to get help as well — that is why we have doctors and therapists.”

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