You’ve “goat” to be kidding! University drawing to benefit Newman Fund

Mar 24, 2016
Goat Insurance Fundraiser

Have you always wanted to own a goat? Have you always wanted to NOT own a goat?

Regardless of where you stand, beginning on April 1, you will have a chance to make either of those things possible for you or for someone else.

Get Your Goat Insurance:

The Newman University Advancement Department is launching a new fundraising campaign during the month of April where students, alumni, donors and other friends of Newman University will be entered into a drawing for an actual goat. Students, donors and friends of the university can buy “goat insurance” to get out of the drawing and/or get someone else in to the drawing.

The insurance is set at a $10 minimum. The fundraiser was designed in efforts to reach the $600,000 goal for the Newman Fund. The fund is currently at $542,435 for the year.

“You get nominated, basically, either to buy this insurance or have the chance of getting a goat from Newman University,” Manager of Newman Fund Blaine Crouch said. “So, if you don’t want the goat then you’re supposed to pay your $10 worth of insurance and then you can invite your entire address book, colleagues or friends, whoever, and send them the same message that you got and get them in the pool for the goat. It’s supposed to spread like wildfire.”

The university obtained the goat through a Newman staff member, Crouch said. The drawing will take place at the end of April and the goat will be given away on May 6.

No animals were harmed in producing this article.