T&T students help make the winter a little less cold

Dec 06, 2018

Cold weather has taken over the Kansas air. Being the unpredictable state that it is, winter this year could be nothing special or one to remember with snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

T&T scarves and hats
Students provided nearly 50 sets of gloves and hats

There are many people who have nothing to protect them and keep them warm from this unpredictable cold, making it a long winter for them.

Director of Nursing Teresa Vetter and her Traditions & Transitions (T&T) class wanted to help those who will be struggling this winter by providing them with gloves, scarves and hats.

“This project was in conjunction with the sisters and associates of the ASC (Adorers of the Blood of Christ) to provide warmth to Wichita‚Äôs homeless population,” Vetter explained.

The sisters and associates knit scarves and the students provided around 50 sets of gloves and hats. The scarf, glove and hat sets will be distributed to homeless, predominately men, who would otherwise have limited resources this winter.

This particular T&T group is made up of pre-nursing students. To them, the health and well-being of an individual are extra important.

Vetter said, “The group felt the project could directly impact health for these individuals because injury from cold exposure is a significant concern each winter for anyone who may not have adequate resources.Theresa Vetter's T&T class

“Nursing is a profession focused on improving the health of all individuals,” Vetter added. “This project was a beginning place for students interested in nursing to experience how small actions can begin to change the health picture.”