What will replace the Heimerman space?

The Heimerman Science Center has fostered hundreds of student experiments, labs and research over the years, but as the new Bishop Gerber Science Center reaches its completion, it is time to bid this historic building farewell.

Famous for its unique architectural design and student artwork found within, the Heimerman Science Center was dedicated in 1966 and named for Marciana Heimerman, ASC. In the February Mission TalkSr. Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC explained that “Marciana was the first American and non-Italian to be elected American General Superior of the Congregation of Adorers.”

After its demolition, stamped concrete will be placed where the Heimerman Science Center currently sits to create a plaza for reflection, meditation or even outdoor class periods, including a walking path on the grounds.

“This will be a beautiful green space and will add some additional beauty to the campus,” said Rohrbach.

The committee that worked on the design alongside architects from RDG Planning and Design includes Sr. Betty Adams, ASC; Sr. Tarcisia Roths, ASC; Sr. Vicki Bergkamp, ASC; Sr. Charlotte Rohrbach, ASC; Dean of Arts and Sciences David Shubert, Ph.D.; former Head of the School of Nursing and Allied Health Mary “Joan” Felts, R.N., Ph.D.current Board of Trustees President Linda Davison; Vice President for Finance and Administration Jennifer Gantz; and Newman University President Noreen M. Carrocci, Ph.D.

“It’s been a great team to work with,” Rohrbach said. “These are individuals who represent various aspects of design. These people have been here for a number of years and have made suggestions of what they want to see.”

“As a university, we didn’t want to forget about Heimerman and Mother Heimerman, so this was our nod to it,” said Gantz. “We wanted that remembrance as we took down the Heimerman Center, and I think it will make for a unique and neat space on campus.”

The area is tentatively being called “Memorial Grove.” Construction on the space will begin after Heimerman’s demolition, which will take place in June.

  • jd

    Sad. I hate it when beautiful buildings are torn down for no reason. Is it structurally unsound? What a shame.

    • UR Workstudy

      JD, here is a brief message from Director of Facilities Bruce Sanderson:

      A study was done prior to the project to determine if Heimerman could be remodeled. Due to the aging infrastructure, items such as heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, roofing system, as well as ADA issues, and overall condition of the building, it was clear that the cost to remodel may be in the 10-12 million dollar range. Therefore, it was determined to demolish Heimerman, which would allow space we needed to build Bishop Gerber Science Center.

      The area where Heimerman sits will be a landscaped area, honoring former Newman employees, and will also serve as the fire access point for the new Building.

      Hope this helps– thank you!

  • Judy Pinaire

    I think you should call it Heimerman Grove or something like that, to continue honoring Mother Marciana.

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