MCLO to host international luncheon, calls for volunteers

Sep 20, 2021
Students serve guests a buffet-style assortment of delicious, culturally diverse foods.

Whenever possible, the Multicultural Leadership Organization (MCLO) likes to provide food as a means of engaging students with a variety of cultures. There’s one event in particular that celebrates food as the core focus and exposes attendees to dishes from all around the world — the international luncheon.

Calling all volunteers

MCLO will host its international luncheon 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday, Sept. 27, in the Dugan-Gorges Conference Center. Admission is $5 per person; those who volunteer to bring a dish to the luncheon receive free admission.

MCLO public relations officer Angela Tran

The MCLO event boasts a vast arrangement of food, each dish bearing a particular geographical origin and cultural significance. But in order to ensure a successful event, the student club depends heavily on the helpful participation of volunteers.

“We’re trying to encourage more students and faculty to participate since it is crucial that the food comes from everywhere,” Angela Tran, MCLO public relations officer said.

Volunteering for the international luncheon is a great way to get involved with MCLO and the community, Tran added.

“Being a part of this event is also a big learning experience where students can learn and taste different cultures,” Tran said. “Food does not have to be homemade either.”

Students attend an MCLO event, 2019.
Students attend an MCLO event in 2019.

The power of food

During senior Carolina Mariscal’s first year at Newman, she decided to volunteer for MCLO’s international luncheon. She enjoyed the experience so much that she joined MCLO as a member and now serves as the organization’s president.

Mariscal, a pre-med student with a psychology minor, believes that food can create educational and enjoyable opportunities for people to connect with one another’s background. 

MCLO President Carolina Mariscal
MCLO President Carolina Mariscal

“We always promote MCLO by saying we have food, and it’s not a lie. A lot of culture and tradition is based on meals. Friends and families from all over the world eat, but they each have different ways of preparing the food, different ways of sitting down and eating the food. Having a meal has always been a good social aspect of life.”

Mariscal explained that MCLO builds its philosophy and structures its events around three core values: cultural awareness, leadership and unity.

“We try to incorporate at least one of those core values into each of the events we do, but of course, in our bigger events, we incorporate all three. The international luncheon definitely demonstrates all three. There’s cultural awareness through the different cuisines, leadership in the form of taking the steps to plan this huge luncheon and unity from coming together and eating food.”

All you can eat

In order to provide guests with plenty of options, the luncheon is set up like a buffet.

“You can expect an ‘all you can eat’ buffet, where you can pick and choose what kind of foods you may want to try or foods that you enjoy but don’t get to eat all that often.”

Members of MCLO volunteer to serve food during the annual Multicultural Extravaganza event, 2019.
Members of MCLO volunteer to serve food during the annual 2019 luncheon.

One particularly immersive element of the luncheon is the authenticity of each dish. 

“One thing that will for sure be there is my mom’s Swiss chicken enchiladas, which are actually Mexican, and they started in Mexico, but they’re called Swiss because of all the dairy they have in them.”

Overall, guests can expect an atmosphere of fellowship and a chance to try truly unique, homemade dishes from an array of cultures.

“Come join MCLO to try cuisines from all over the world. You might find something new that you’ve never tasted before.”

To volunteer for the international iuncheon, scan the QR code below or email your interest to [email protected].

To volunteer for the International Luncheon, scan the QR code below or email your interest to