International media covers Newman University athletics

Jun 18, 2015

Newman University athletics is getting some international exposure.

Jets sports are receiving some “love” from media outlets located around the world, as a current coach and a former player have appeared recently on television in Canada and Kosovo, respectively.

Former Newman basketball player Elhad Emerllahu on Kosovo news.
Former Newman basketball player Elhad Emerllahu on Kosovo news.

Over the years, Newman has expanded its reach beyond the borders of the United States. More and more foreign student-athletes are recruited to play sports at Newman University.

It seems to work for both school and student. Newman is a place where international student-athletes can come, develop and flourish – not only as competitors but more importantly as people.

Recruiting is a key factor in college athletics success. Many coaches around the country spend time trying to find the right player who they believe will fit their style of play and their team culture.

“I travel all around the world to look for the right player,” said Cliff Brown, Newman head men’s soccer coach, in an interview with RDS25, a sports channel in Montreal, Canada. “Its always a big mix between academics, personality, the character of the player,” Brown added.

More than half of the Newman Men’s Soccer Team players are from parts of the world other than the United States. Newman’s program has grown over the past five years, building a reputation around the country and the globe.

“It’s part of our growth as an NCAA institution,” said Victor Trilli, athletic director at Newman University. “This is a legitimate athletic department and were trying to live as a Division ll.”

More programs than just soccer are experiencing international recruiting success at Newman, including golf, tennis and basketball. Former men’s hoop star Elhad Emerllahu, San Antonio, Texas, is originally from Serbia. Emerllahu, a key contributor in the Jet’s 2013-2014 season, was interviewed by Kosovo television recently.

UTTM Advisory: You might need to brush up on your French and your Albanian to watch these stories from sports broadcasts in Montreal and Kosovo.

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