First MIAA Player of the Week for Newman

Sep 19, 2019
Jackie Lari

Newman University sophomore Jackie Lari, a graduate of Crean Lutheran High School in Irvin, California, is the first Newman student-athlete to earn MIAA Player of the Week status.

Lari earned her Goalie of the Week nod as a result of two non-conference soccer games played Sept. 13 and 15 in Colorado, during which she did not allow either opponent to score against her team.

“I feel so honored to be picked as the Goalie of the Week,” said Lari. “I was surprised when I received it. I could not have done it without the help of Coach Aaron (Avila) and Coach Dylan (Gruntzel).”

Women’s Head Soccer Coach Aaron Avila said Lari has worked hard and has gained trust with her coaches and teammates.

“She is a quiet person and brings a calming presence to the team on the field,” said Avila. “She doesn’t get rattled very much and seems to always make the big saves when needed.”

Lari said, “I have learned that it is important to be able to adapt to each team. Every team that we have played this season has their own style of play. In the past, we had a good idea how most of the teams played since we had played them before, but this year it is different.

“When I step on the pitch, I have to be able to read the game quickly so I know how to play against that team. Each team that we have played so far has played so differently from one another. Going into a new league this year means many unknowns for us as a team. This means that it is going to be important to quickly read every game.”

The team is currently 3-0-1 heading into MIAA play. Their next match will take place Sept. 20 against Rogers State in Oklahoma.