Newman University students celebrate Jet Friday

Nov 17, 2016
Jet Friday

Every Friday, Newman University students celebrate their Jet pride in a comfortable, casual atmosphere with music, games, friends, and of course, free donuts and coffee.

Opera yelling, "You get a doughnut! Everybody gets a doughnut!"

Director of Student Activities Lauren Fontarum said, “Since April, we’ve had an extraordinary amount of (students attend) Jet Friday, starting from our very first Friday of the fall. Jet Friday is technically supposed to run from 8:30-10:30 a.m., but we’re always running out of donuts by 10:00 at the very latest!”

Ximena Name Maria Victoria
(L to R) Ximena Name and Maria Victoria

Some students agree that the casual atmosphere is their favorite part of the event, but most can quickly agree that it’s the donuts that make the day. For others, just knowing that they have finally reached Friday is all the relief they need.

Luz Montelongo, Estefania Sosa, Maria Palacio,
(L to R) Luz Montelongo, Estefania Sosa, Maria Palacio


Maria Palacio, a freshman at Newman University, said, “My favorite part of Jet Friday is the donuts and the coffee,” while student Estefania Sosa enjoys “the energy in the room. They play pretty good music and it brings pretty good vibes.” Student Luz Montelongo added, “My ultimate favorite thing about Jet Friday is that it’s Friday!”

The Admissions Department added up how many donuts were given out in the 2015-16 academic year, and it ended up being 241 dozen donuts, which totals 2,892! With 168 donuts being given out every Friday, about 30 dozen or 2,040 have been consumed this semester alone!

“I love that our departments are so student invested,” said Fontarum.

Newman University students posing for the mannequin challenge.
Newman University students posing for the mannequin challenge.

During last Jet Friday, Nov. 11, there was a little more fun added to the morning with the mannequin challenge. Students had fun popping a pose for a special Newman University Jet Friday Mannequin Challenge.