Cool campus gigs

Nov 02, 2017
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For some students, finding a job with a schedule that is flexible around their study time can be difficult. But Newman University offers plenty of job opportunities that allow students to create their own schedule. Below are five favorites that students say are the best work-study jobs to be found on campus.

student photographer
Sophomore Jacob Isaacson loves being a sports photographer for the Jets.

Student photographer in the athletics department 

Is photography a hobby of yours? The athletics department offers Newman student photographers an opportunity to get paid for taking photos.

Sophomore Jacob Isaacson works as a student photographer for the Jets. His job is to attend and snap fun and creative photos at various Newman University games.

Isaacson said, “My boss is David Rung, sports information director here at Newman. All I do for him is basically go to the athletic events and take pictures. He uses my pictures for game day photos or advertisements for the athletic department.”

This is Isaacson’s second year and he said he loves the work. And isn’t it great to get paid for things you love to do?

IT help desk

Enjoy working on computers? Then the IT help desk is the job for you. This particular job does not require you to have an infinite amount of knowledge on computers, but it could certainly come in handy.

IT Help desk
David Reed working at the IT help desk.

Student worker David Reed is one of the few IT desk associates.

“For students, we mostly support Blackboard Learn, gmail and Jet Stream,” Reed explained.

The job largely consists of helping students with password issues or explaining how to use and log onto campus computers and its various websites.

IT help desk associates also support all the smart classrooms on campus. “If there are issues with the projector or any of the equipment, we help sort that all out,” Reed said.

Only a few days of training are required but most of the learning happens on the job. Reed added, “Our boss, Sonja Vogt, helps us solve any complicated issues when they arise.

“My favorite part is getting called to a classroom and when I get to the room the professor says, ‘Oh, we got it fixed. Thanks for coming!’ But it’s good exercise. That’s the way I look at it,” Reed said.

Student writer for University Relations

Not only does Newman University have a student-run newspaper called The Vantage, they also have a news website called Newman Today, which is put together and run by the University Relations department.

Student writer
Corbin Riley works as a student writer for the University Relations department.

Senior Corbin Riley is one of the student writers working for University Relations.

“The job consists of contacting people to schedule interviews, kind of like what we’re doing right now,” explained Riley, “and just gathering details and information to write a cohesive story that gets put online and is sent out through the Newman Today newsletter email, which goes out to more than 4,000 subscribers.”

The articles posted on the site feature alumni who have moved on to a successful career, students on campus who are involved in something interesting, or campus life happenings.

Riley mentioned that his favorite part of the job is that “it gives me the ability to hone my writing skills. I’m an English major so this paired very nicely with my major. The more you write, the better you get at it and just applying what I learned in the classroom and then bringing that here to the workplace on campus has been a really nice pairing that I believe has helped me become not just a better worker and a better writer, but also a better student.”

Scooter’s barista

At Scooter’s, student workers have the fancy title of a barista as well as simple chef. Scooter’s serves not only cold, hot and blended drinks, they also sell food such as pizza, wraps and sandwiches, along with pastries that compliment their various warm coffees.

Scooters barista
Yemina Buama prepares orders for customers at Scooter’s.

Newman student Yemina Buama said that her favorite part of working at Scooter’s is that she gets to interact with everyone on campus and her co-workers.

Before you receive the barista title, you must complete an online training course along with attending a food handlers course for a food handlers license. After that set of training is complete, you continue your final training within the store where you receive hands-on training of a barista and simple chef.

Because it is a popular place for students on campus, there will be some busy times throughout the workday.

Buama talked about a memorable on-the-job story.

“We had a pizza rush one day,” she said, “because we had a special — and I had about 15 orders and I was working all alone. As I was taking all the pizzas out of the oven … I turned and the pizza [fell] face flat on the floor. I just looked at the person and said, ‘Uh, do you want a coupon for a free drink?'”

But even with the small mishaps comes great fun in this job.

Newman 360Five crew member

Jack Schafer
Jack Schafer works behind-the-scenes for Newman 360Five, but also makes occasional on-screen appearances.

Walking around campus you may have noticed the various flat screen TVs that preview small clips of students doing crazy, obnoxious and silly things. Those students are part of the 360Five crew at Newman. They are a group whose job is to connect with students around campus and to make them laugh while doing it — and they have a blast in the process.

One of the student workers for 360Five is sophomore Jack Schafer.

“Basically at Newman 360Five, we come up with ideas earlier that week or during the weekend [for a new video],” explained Schafer. “We often get ideas from other clubs. For example, the Kaleidoscope club asked us to make a video promoting National Coming Out Day. We really kind of just have fun with it as you can tell by the introductions and the outros where we are yelling ‘Welcome to 360Five!'”

Yes, this is a paying job!

“It’s pretty nice. I’ve never had so much fun at a job because I’m doing what I love. I’ll come up with scripts for episodes and that’s what I want to do as a career anyway, so being paid for it right now in college is pretty nice,” Schafer said.

Schafer’s favorite part of his job is the script writing. He enjoys coming up with the ideas and collaborating with the other 360Five members.

“It’s super cool to bounce ideas off each other and see if this core concept that we have can be made better by all of us instead of just one of us.”

These aren’t the only jobs that the Newman University campus has to offer their students. There are plenty others. More student job opportunities are available. Some even offer scholarships. Instead of being a college student and poor, now you can become a college student and employed.