Kelly Lotsu-Morgan receives St. Newman Scholarship

May 30, 2024
Newman University Campus
Newman University campus

Kelly Lotsu-Morgan has been selected as one of five incoming Newman University students to earn the St. John Henry Newman Scholarship. This scholarship is Newman University’s most competitive and prestigious award, providing recipients with full tuition renewable for four years. 

“I love the fact that Newman is a diverse university. There’s a great sense of community,” he said. “I know that not only am I going to get edified academically but I am also going to get edified on a spiritual level.” 

Lotsu-Morgan’s dream fulfilled

Lotsu-Morgan, a Ghanaian native, has experienced considerable adversity in his life. 

Kelly Lotsu-Morgan

In his application essay, he described how the loss of his father pushed him to explore how technology can better connect doctors and patients to prevent unnecessary medical complications. Particularly in Ghana, there is a growing reliance on self-diagnosis and over-the-counter medications in place of formal medical treatment. 

To me, Newman University is not just a university; it’s a dynamic
community where intellectual vigor intertwines with a palpable sense of

Kelly Lotsu-Morgan, St. Newman Scholarship recipient

He plans to major in computer science this fall, utilizing Newman’s program and applying his passion for informational technology. Lotsu-Morgan’s goal is to create a telehealth software that “will have a large database of medically proven facts that can help people with illnesses identify their woes while at home.” 

He hopes that this software will make seeking medical advice and treatment much more accessible to people who previously could not receive care. Although Lotsu-Morgan is partial to the technological side of remote health care, he is also looking forward to interacting with and employing the vast biomedical resources that Newman has to offer. 

Lotsu-Morgan’s dedication also extends to community service. He attended Temple Christian International School in Accra, Ghana. During his time there, he directed a community impact project where he collected monthly donations from students and distributed them across the city to disadvantaged and impoverished individuals. Lotsu-Morgan hopes to continue supporting underprivledged communities by extending the future proceeds from his software. 

Finding his place at Newman

Beyond engaging with the extensive academic resources at Newman, Lotsu-Morgan aspires to contribute to the unique student and religious community. A large aspect of Newman’s appeal to him was the fact that it is a religion-based institution. He is excited to “build a more personal relationship with God” and openly express his faith.

Additionally, Lotsu-Morgan is looking forward to engaging with people from new cultures and nationalities — whether that be through song or even playing a game of soccer (called football in Ghana). 

“Newman University is not merely a destination for my education; it is a driver for societal transformation — my societal transformation.”

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