Newman promoted through LEARN

Mar 28, 2018
nikkie Zdrojewski

Being a college student is difficult. Keeping classes, sports, friendships, sleep schedules and other activities maintained is no easy task. This becomes an even more daunting task when you are a nontraditional adult student.

Returning to college after previously earning a degree, completing some college or having never attended can be overwhelming. It might seem difficult to know where to begin. Having the right resources can make this journey easier.

Nikkie Zdrojewski, director of graduate and adult admissions at Newman University, realizes these difficulties and helps organize and promote learning to make the process of returning to school easier. She is doing this as the social media and website chair for the nonprofit organization Local Education Adult Recruitment Network (LEARN).

LEARN comprises 15 accredited colleges in Kansas. The organization’s objective is to reach out to schools and businesses in order to allow adults to either finish their education or continue on the path to higher education. Through LEARN, Zdrojewski is able to help advance Newman’s resources for nontraditional or adult students.

LEARN has opportunities for adults over the age of 21 looking to further their education. Some of these opportunities include job fairs and scholarships.

Having LEARN and Newman partner together will provide great resources to both platforms,  Zdrojewski said. Through her work with LEARN, Zdrojewski said, her greatest goal is to “promote both Newman and LEARN.” That promotion will happen as Zdrojewski updates the LEARN website and makes plans for the organization.

Zdrojewski is a great fit for both her career at Newman and her new role at LEARN as she knows the hurdles of being an adult student firsthand. She is currently working to obtain her master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Being an adult student allows her a fresh view since she is able to create resources and resolve questions ahead of time that other adult students might have in the future.

Although being a nontraditional student might come with some hurdles, there are people like Zdrojewski who are passionate about helping others with this task in order to advance their lives. With perseverance, the right resources, such as LEARN, and the right people, returning to college as an adult can be a very obtainable goal.