Pilgrimage to Liberia commemorates the Five Martyrs of Charity

Aug 03, 2017
Liberia Pilgrimage

In October 1992, five Adorers of the Blood of Christ (ASC) sisters lost their lives in a tragic event while working in Liberia.

Now known as the Five Martyrs of Charity, Mary Joel Kolmer, ASC; Shirley Kolmer, ASC; Kathleen McGuire, ASC; Agnes Mueller, ASC; and Barbara Ann Muttra, ASC, were killed during a civil war in the West African nation.

As the 25th anniversary of that tragic day approaches, ASC sisters are finding ways to commemorate the lives of the women lost.

Recently, two Newman University students joined ASC members on a pilgrimage to Liberia in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Five Martyrs of Charity.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Rosemary Niedens reached out to ASC scholars Khoi Nguyen and Erin Schueller about the trip, which took place May 11-20. Each student received a letter that stated they were selected as a candidate for the trip, then submitted their own letters explaining why they wanted to go on the pilgrimage.

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